Perkūnas house

House of Perkūnas is one of the most original and spectacular Gothic buildings in Lithuania. Built at the end of the XV century by Hanseatic merchants, this brick building with an ornate pediment and spacious cellars is located in Kaunas Old Town, near the Vytautas Church.
The real purpose of the building is unknown. There is a legend about a sculpture of the deity Perkūnas found in a wall of the building, about priestesses who took care of the eternal fire; however, the extensive collection of artifacts found by the researchers suggests that this was a commercial office that belonged to the Hanseatic Merchants.
Currently, the House of Perkūnas belongs to Kaunas Jesuit Gymnasium. The House of Perkūnas accommodates an exhibit of Adomas Mickevičius’s life and works, an art exhibition and concert hall.

Services provided:
Tour. Those who want to learn more about the history and culture of the Hansaetic times are welcome to a tour around the House of Perkūnas and the terrace of the Jesuit monastery. Price – 7 eur/ person.

Educational programs. Demonstrating crafts, such as sewing, tablet weaving, candle making and historical dance. Also such traditional Lithuanian crafts as making of sodai and traditional beaded wristbands. Educational sessions are intended for students and adult groups. Price – 7 eur/person.

Rent of premises. Not only can you have a tour here – you can also celebrate your anniversaries, children’s birthdays, company staff parties in a solemn atmosphere.

Opening hours:
On demand. To schedule an appointment, please call us in advance.

Entrance fee:
For adults: 3 Eur
For students: 2 Eur

Aleksoto str. 6, Kaunas
+370 641 44614